NAMBoard is the Kingdom of Eswatini’s National Marketing and Agricultural Board which is enabled by Act No. 13 of 1985 and charged with regulating and facilitating markets for farmers and assisting them production processing, storage, transportation, distribution, and sale of schedule products. NAMBoard’s commitment is to promote Swazi Business and ensure that goods and services are procured efficiently and effectively without compromising standards as set out in the Eswatini Public Procurement Act of 2011.

As part of an ever-changing landscape and expansion in market related activities, NAMBoard would like to invite eligible, legally registered, and reputable suppliers of goods and services who wish to be shortlisted into the company’s preferred vendor list to submit their applications.

No.Category nameCategory number
1General and printed office stationery and office furnitureNMB01-001
2Chemicals / cleaning materialNMB01-002
3Branded and promotional materialsNMB01-003
4Computer hardware, printers, and cartridgesNMB01-004
5Protective clothing and corporate uniformNMB01-005
6Tyres and tubes, batteries and spare parts for vehicles and trucksNMB01-006
7Agricultural supplies (seeds, farming chemicals and fertilizer)NMB01-007
8Packaging materials (crates, hessian bags, netting bags, Styrofoam plates, plastic bags and dishes)NMB01-008
9Building, plumbing and electrical maintenance material and painting materials and suppliesNMB01-009
10Petroleum products and LubricantsNMB01-010
11Kitchen EquipmentNMB01-011
12Hygiene cleaning services and control pestsNMB01-012
13Servicing of motor vehicles and trucksNMB01-013
14Provision of web software and systems development NMB01-014
15Security services, security systems, fire equipment, surveillance cameras and alarmsNMB01-015
16Consultation and advisory service providers (Legal, Accounting, auditing & bookkeeping, Taxation, Medical, Para-medical & Dental, Agricultural, Business, Recruitment)NMB01-016
17Supply, Installation, and maintenance of irrigation systemsNMB01-017
18Courier, freight, and transportation services including boarder clearingNMB01-018
19Telecommunications systems with PABX and accessories, mobile telephones, and servicesNMB01-019
20Supply, installation, and service of refrigerated cold rooms, scales, air conditioners and generators (including mobile refrigerated units)NMB01-020
21Hospitality: Accommodation, Catering, Conferencing FacilitiesNMB01-021
22Décor supplyNMB01-022
23Supply, installation, drilling and service of boreholes2NMB01-023
24Graphics design services, photographer, video and documentary production, entertainment hosting, sound hire, Television, and radio.NMB01-024
25Travel Agencies and Tour (Flight Tickets, Shuttles)NMB01-025
26Transport hire services for passengers, trucks with cross boarder permits (5t,8t,10t,34t) and supply of car rental services.NMB01-026
27Consultancy Practices – Category: SE, ARC, QS, EE, MENMB01-027
28Flooring Supplies (Carpets, Blinds, etc)NMB01-028
29Construction Firms – Category: B2-4, C, E, MNMB01-029

Eligible suppliers who would like to do business with NAMBoard under the above categories are invited to download the pre-qualification document from the ESPPRA website:  or from our website to be completed and submitted on or before 23rd June 2022 at 10:00AM. The pre-qualification document will give full details of the submission requirements.

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