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Regulatory Division (Inspectorate)

This function is enabled by the Import and Export of scheduled agricultural products regulation notice No. 8 (Amendments) effective 1st June 2013. It governs the local trade of agricultural produce to ensure that the country has enough food security, and local farmers have satisfactory market share for their produce.


Permit application and registration procedures for Importers, Exporters and Transits of all scheduled agricultural products are required to apply and register for the year.

Trade and Regulation Department

The Trade and Regulation department is responsible for the implementation of trade regulatory functions for NAMBoard so to facilitate and monitor the trade of scheduled agricultural products across the country. Guided by the NAMBoard Act, the department enforces the advancement of the nexus between trade, food security and conducive agribusiness environment whilst supporting the sustainable growth of the agricultural development agenda.

These functions amplifies the processes intended to promote the growth and efficacy of the marketing of agricultural products in the country.

Under this department, the following objectives/functions are pursued in support of the NAMBoard Act:

  • Registration of traders, distributors and wholesalers of scheduled agricultural products in the country;
  • Issuance of import, export and transit permits of scheduled agricultural products;
  • Monitoring the trade or movement of scheduled agricultural products within the country and across borders i.e., local purchases, local production, import and export;
  • Analysis of trade statistics for scheduled agricultural products in the country;
  • Creating an enabling environment for scheduled agricultural industries and/or value chains to trade in a fair market environment;
  • Facilitating a platform that fosters industries of scheduled agricultural products to deliberate on developmental needs and growth for the agricultural sector in the country.

Under the Trade and Regulation department, the following sub-units exist:

  • Trade Regulation and analysis unit
  • Inspection unit
  • Permits administration unit